I believe my purpose in life is to inspire and encourage others to look beyond the surface to the awareness that yes, God is here, longing to offer us comfort, encouragement, strength, and wisdom to handle life's problems. All we need to do is open our eyes to the gift around us, Nature. My wish is that through my books, you too will find that Yes, God is still here, longing to help you along the way.

Love is a word for fools.
After three long months in Mexico, PSA's top security agent Nicholas McFadden doesn't want another assignment – then he hears her name – Brittany Fitzpatrick. Now he knows he can't refuse.
Ten years ago she almost made him believe in love, until she lied and nearly got him killed. Now PSA wants him to protect her from the very man who almost murdered them both. Can he trust her? Or is this just another evil plot by Vincent Capri to finish the job?

Have you ever cried out to God and felt like there was no answer? Do you wonder if He ever notices you in a crowd? Hello God It's Me Again, is a unique devotional that uses not only Bible verses and inspiring thoughts, but photographs of nature to show you that God is there for you offering you comfort, encouragement, strength, and wisdom to handle life's problems. When you see the simple beauty of nature you will know God made that for you because He loves you. Vickie Fisher lives on a nineteen acre farm in Westminster, MD. She works for Amtrak, as a Chief Entitlement Clerk. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her children, grandchildren, family and friends, whom she believes are God's greatest gifts. Her favorite place to take photographs is right there on her farm where God has blessed her with an abundance of photo opportunities.

In today's difficult time when we seem to be losing everything, have we lost God too? A sunrise...Are thoughts from yesterday bringing you down? A daffodil growing among rocks... Are obstacles blocking your way? A boulder tumbling out of control... Are you teetering on the edge? A cloudy sky... Are you lost in the shadows of others? A stagnant lake... Are you drowning in boredom? All around us nature is not only mirroring our lives; it is there to offer us its gifts: comfort, encouragement, strength, and wisdom. There is no cost, we only need to open our eyes and accept life's greatest gift; nature. Vickie Fisher lives on a nineteen acre farm in Westminster, MD. It was on this farm she was inspired to write this book. She enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, whom she believes are God's greatest gift. Vickie Fisher's HELLO GOD ARE YOU THERE? is page after page of inspiring words and photographs showing us how God uses nature to speak to us. A genuine treat for the eyes! (Best-selling author Loree Lough, author of nearly 100 award-winning books, including reader favorite A MAN OF HONOR.) The photographs and inspiring words of Vickie Fisher's HELLO GOD, ARE YOU THERE? filled my heart with joy and reminded me to look for the blessing of each day. (Susan Meier...bestselling Harlequin author of A FATHER FOR HER TRIPLETS)

Hello, God, Can You Hear Me? is an inspiring nonfiction devotional composed of Bible verses, photography of nature, and uplifting writing for spiritual edification. Author and photographer Vickie Fisher's devotional combines the beauty of visual art with profound everyday questions that Christians ask: "Does God hear me?" "Can God help me?" "What is my purpose in life?" Through the grace and simplicity of her words of encouragement, Vickie helps readers come before the Lord in total surrender and love. Themes of this devotional include finding God's purpose for your life, persevering during difficult times, and finding joy in the Lord through it all. Inspiring photographs of nature and creation bring these teachings to life. Together, the photos and words in Hello, God, Can You Hear Me? Will inspire readers to see and rejoice in God's new blessings each day.