T.L. Blakely lives in Loudoun County, Virginia and Tampa, Florida. He is a courtroom and military veteran. He served in the U.S. Navy with multiple sea deployments: first aboard the aircraft carrier, USS America, and later aboard the Trident submarine, USS Florida. He worked as a trial attorney and in 1998 was elected Judge of District Court. He presided over civilian jury and court trial cases in criminal and civil court for over a decade. In 2011, he left the bench. Former Judge Blakely has served as an officer in the U.S. Army and Navy Reserve with over twenty-eight years active and reserve service and is the recipient of military commendation medals. Like many aspiring writers before him, T.L. Blakely writes between work shifts. Six years after beginning work on his first literary novel, he took the exciting step with Year of The Book Press for the publication of Justícia 2095. He continues to write short stories and his next novel, Anonymous Privilege.

Women are drafted to war when Captain Mika Sirena discovers combat assignments for women are rigged. The female czar in charge of the draft has a moral agenda of her own. Are we prepared with gatekeepers on the next road to war?

A botched murder trial leads to reconstruction of the nation's judiciary; the court of public opinion has now become reality. Justicia court participants conduct jury trials from the comfort of their homes and offices, in real-time -- free from court constraints of old. But this freewheeling Justicia is fed by its own set of tolls. Wyrand Stark, historian and Justicia Counselor, finds himself caught in its rapidly spinning gears and must race to save his own life by proving the difference between law... and justice.

The Black Curtain Falls when current fashion and past passions collide in this dramatic courtroom short story!