Teague Rudacille is a young author fresh out of high school, enthralled by the drama and action of heroic tales. When he's not polishing his swordsmanship or spending time with the family, he's looking for ways to spin captivating stories with powerful emotion.

A teenage hero. The fate of a universe. Every second counts.
Travis Shepard is respectful and diligent, right up until he's nearly expelled from high school.
...That is, until he manages to slip into another world, awakening an ancient destiny. Travis is to be Exalted, chosen by the guardian deities of the Seven Realms of Existence as a defender of life itself.
With the help of nothing more than an ancient spirit and a floating book, he quickly learns there's more to being a hero than just a brave face and a pair of wings.

The sky was dark, the stars were bright. Smythers the cat leapt to his bed for a peaceful night... but will he EVER be able to get to sleep?

Smythers the cat is tempted by Santa's milk and cookies.