Lisa Ruth Sahd
Lisa A. Ruth-Sahd is a native of Lancaster, PA. She graduated from Lancaster Catholic High School and later married Frank Sahd, her high school sweetheart. She is a graduate from York College of Pennsylvania (BS), Villanova University (MSN) and Pennsylvania State University (DEd). Lisa currently teaches nursing at York College of Pennsylvania in the Stabler Department of Nursing. Lisa also facilitates the summer nursing extern program at Lancaster General Hospital. This is her first children’s book. Lisa hopes to promote an unwavering belief in the tooth fairy, as well as an awareness of dental health through reading this book. Adam F. Sahd is a graduate of Penn Manor High School and currently attends the University of Richmond where he will be a senior in the E. Claiborne Robins School of Business. Adam is majoring in business marketing. He has been a wide receiver on the Richmond Spider football team. This is Adam’s first book and his first real world experience at marketing. Adam and his momma wrote this book many, many years ago as they were waiting for, and wondering why the tooth fairy was a “no-show.”

The No-Show Tooth Fairy keeps you turning pages as you try to figure out why the Tooth Fairy might not show up on time, if at all. Each reason is vibrantly brought to life by Vicki Friedman’s illustrations. Children all over the world who are anxiously awaiting the Tooth Fairy will enjoy this book.