Lisa holds a Master degrees in Clinical Social Work and Pastoral Ministry from Boston College and has extensive training and certifications in mindfulness, yoga therapy, meditation, somatic healing, and trauma recovery. Currently, she’s training in Somatic Experiencing, a body-centered trauma-healing approach developed by Peter Levine. Her writing has been featured on Upworthy; Georgetown University; and in Rachel Macy Stafford’s book, Hands Free Mama.

Heal the Hurry
Journey from busyness to pausing, harshness to compassion, and disconnection to sacred connection.

It’s time to revolutionize the everyday life of moms. We live, parent, work, and love in an increasingly busy, harsh, and disconnected culture. Gems of Delight invites us to slow down, connect with compassion, and embrace what is most sacred to each of us.

Lisa McCrohan offers moms a way to heal the hurry, be a compassionate presence, and let our light shine. Through her poetry, conversations with the Divine, and soulful reflections, Lisa shows us that connection heals us, compassion saves us, and slowing down nourishes us. Following the rhythm of the seasons, Gems of Delight offers short, prayerful inspirations that are perfect to pick up at any time of year to feel nourished and inspired.

Lisa’s gentle and powerful writings support us in transforming our everyday lives in simple ways. And as we live aligned with what is sacred to each of us, we nourish our connections and heal our hearts, homes, and world.