Lisa Clouser has been a reading paraprofessional for over 10 years. Lisa loves teaching elementary school students how to read and write stories. She is also a summer camp counselor and has taught children’s yoga. Ian’s Snowball Disaster! is Lisa’s first children’s picture book.

Amrit Tigga is freelance illustrator of children’s picture books, cartoons, comics, and portraits. Amrit is a self-taught artist with seven years working as a freelance illustrator. Email:, Blog:

What should of been a serene day in the rain forest quickly turns into a desperate struggle for Izzy. Plucked from his home, he ends up on a pet store shelf, and when his difficult situation couldn’t get any worse, Izzy must decide whether to give up or listen to his friends. With a little encouragement from his sidekicks, Izzy takes drastic measures and puts on an amazing performance. Children of all ages will love this Ugly Duckling spin-off when Izzy transforms overnight.

What should of been the best snow day ever quickly turns into an alarming ordeal for eight-year-old Ian. With a little help from his dog Booger, the two friends accidentally make a giant snowball of town-crunching magnitude. When the worst inevitably happens, Ian must decide whether to own up to his part in the catastrophe or to run and hide. Children of all ages will love Ian’s solution that rallies a city together in its time of need.