Larry is a retired federal employee (20 years) and is currently working as a tour guide in the Harley-Davidson motorcycle assembly plant in York, Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wonderfully wonderful wife Deborah (married two years, and 22 days as of this writing). Deborah works for a prominent legal firm in downtown York and drives a relatively new red car, with license plate starting with DRA, hence “Deborah’s Red Automobile.” Larry and Deborah have known each other for many years, each with separate lives and families. As events unfolded and circumstances changed in their respective lives, the heavens spoke, and Larry and Deborah found a profound and eternal love together. Hopefully, this book of poetry and others to come will reflect that great love they have together into your life and perhaps lead to a similar love experience for you. Both are writing books under the tutelage of Demi Stevens, our local “how-to-write-a-book” guru, wonderful mentor, and good friend. This is Larry’s first book but there are at least two more love poetry books coming and a western entitled “Madam Cowboy” featuring a feisty gun-toting female protagonist you won’t want to miss. Keep an eye out for these in future months. Deborah is on her second children’s book (writing one for each of her grandchildren, six and counting) and doing her own illustrations now, assisted by her mother who provides the vibrant colors to Deborah’s drawings. Together, Larry and Deborah are “living the dream” as Deborah’s boss often tells them with a twinkle in his eye. May your dreams become reality, too!

Courtships can be short or last for years. If you want a courtship leading to marriage, write some love poems. (Peek inside for examples.) The Courtship of Deborah Jane lasted just over five months, then marriage. If a short courtship is what you are looking for, you’ve found the right book. Don’t put it down! If not, keep looking. Good luck in either case.