Kim Walsh-Phillips is the CEO of Elite Digital Group, a direct-response digital agency. She is an award-winning speaker, blogger, podcaster, author, and strategist. She lives in Long Branch, NJ.

To avoid grabbing every business owner he meets by the shoulders and shaking them, millionaire maker Dan S. Kennedy has joined with marketing strategist Kim Walsh-Phillips to help business owners, private practice professionals, and professional marketers start making dollars and cents of their social media marketing.

Daring readers to stop accepting non-monetizable “likes” and “shares” for their investment of time, money, and energy, Kennedy and Walsh-Phillips urge readers to see their social platforms for what they are — another channel to reach customers and gain leads and sales for their efforts. Illustrated by case studies and examples, this No B.S. guide delivers practical strategies for applying the same direct-response marketing rules Kennedy has himself found effective in all other mediums.

This book covers how to stop being a wimp and make the switch from a passive content presence into an active conversion tool; how to become a lead magnet by setting up social media profiles that focus on the needs of ideal prospects (not the product or service); creating raving fans that create introductions to their networks; how to move cold social media traffic into customers; the role of paid media and how to leverage social media advertising to drive sales.

Do you want to get 10,000 Facebook Fans in less than 72 hours and turn them into customers with cash in hand ready to buy from you? Are you ready to tap into Facebook's 2 Billion users who are waiting to buy from you? With Game Changer: How to Get 10,000 Facebook Fans in 72 Hours and Turn Them Into Your Next Cash-Paying Customers, direct response social media marketing expert Kim Walsh-Phillips gives you the blueprint for getting Facebook Fans for a penny and turning them into customers. You'll discover how to grow your business without a marketing budget. From set up to scaling, this guide unlocks the secrets to successfully selling your product, program, or service via Facebook.

Join the author plus marketing experts Chris Cardell, Rich Schefren, Stephanie Chung, Robert Skrob, John Corcoran, Steve Gordon, Dustin Matthews, Steve Sipress, Josh Turner, Jeremy Weisz, Shaun Buck, Michael Rozbruch, Becky Auer, Dave Dee, Andrew Warner, Jason Swenk, and Jason Tucker. Discover how to get thousands of fans for pennies each, grow your email list and generate profit. And for the first time ever, you can grow your business without a marketing budget. The time to get success on Facebook is now. Take action and order this book.

Are you ready to tap into Instagram’s booming network of 600 million viable customers? With the Ultimate Guide to Instagram for Business, social media marketing expert Kim Walsh-Phillips gives you the tools you need to get your due return on investment out of Instagram. From cross-platform branding and marketing advice to practical blueprints for funneling followers, this guide unlocks the secrets successful entrepreneurs use to drive sales directly from Instagram, become experts in their field, and grow their business.

Learn how to:

Set up an Instagram marketing funnel that converts followers into customers
Run effective, lead-generating campaigns with trending hashtags, exclusive contests, and product launches
Grow your Instagram following with The 21-Day Blueprint
Leverage your Instagram brand to reach celebrity status and gain a competitive advantage
Post Instagram stories and live videos to grow your follower base and drive sales
Build content with a Quick-Start Lead Magnet Blueprint that will attract your ideal customers

Your followers are ready to take action -- give them a reason! Whether you're new to the Instagram world or you're not sure how to get more out of your profile, this guide is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs ready to promote themselves to millions of visual shoppers. With this guide's easy-to-use strategies, easy-to-adapt blueprints, and other great resources, you'll be ready to take the plunge!

Most marketing is a big fat waste of money. Dollars are thrown away every day in pursuit of “awareness” instead of focusing on what is REALLY important….going after the right prospects and driving them to become customers. Throughout this entertaining book, you will learn the industry secrets that the author has used to make her private clients a lot of money. In this book you will learn: • How to uncover the right messaging and marketing channels to attract the best customers for your business • The proven formula to make YOUR phone ring, eliminating the need for painful cold calling and prospecting forever • How to ensure you NEVER waste another marketing dollar ever again • The ways to finally get accurate, measurable and quick results from EACH and EVERY dollar you put into any type of advertising, marketing and promotion