Jon Toy is dedicated to helping others succeed. He works independently as a business coach with many successful business owners and also offers large-group calls focused on using the ‘5 Gears’ to grow your business and succeed, while achieving the right mindset to keep things moving.

He is a speaker and regularly motivates and inspires business owners to take action to transform their business. To contact Jon about speaking opportunities or coaching, email or visit

Rick Baylor may be a sign company owner in the book, but he could just as easily be a retail store owner, a lawyer, a doctor, a real estate agent, or a manufacturer. Struggles in business are real and they are universal. Creating systems and procedures works in any business and is a key difference in small businesses that suck in an owner to doing day to day operations and companies that run without the owner being active every single day.

As you read this book, think through your business and imagine your company implementing these ideas proposed for each of the 5 gears. Which gear could be the one to help propel you to the next level?

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