“I’m a fifty-something woman living under a rock in Lancaster County, PA. It’s okay, I’m happy under my rock. Occasionally, I peek out at all the noise, and that’s where the stories come from.”

Sadly, Joan passed away in the spring of 2016. She was an avid gardener and animal lover and will be greatly missed.

Light-hearted satire for kids from 14-90. It’s not easy being the beloved pet of an evil scientist. Just ask Racer.

You’ve often wondered when that flower seed was going to be ready to collect. This guide tells you when the seed will be ripe to make your collecting forays more efficient. The dates are based from my home area of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Plants for your shady beds, plants for your sunny borders, the native landscape has something for every niche. Look at your local wild areas with a new eye and see which flowers will enhance your garden.