Dr. Jenifer L. Epstein lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, with her husband Steve, her son Liam, and two dogs Stark and Pepper. She received her undergraduate degree in Biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and her doctorate from New York Chiropractic College. Upon graduation, Jenifer practiced in a Veteran’s hospital in Rochester, New York, before relocating back to Pennsylvania to be closer to her family.

In a world supposedly more connected than ever, people have never been more DISCONNECTED.

Dr. Jenifer Epstein is a Chiropractor turned top financial sales performer and recruiter with a Fortune 100 company. Along the way, she discovered two very important facts: First, cold calling sucks. Secondly, LinkedIn contributed to 92% of her overall business her first year! Her passion lies in empowering successful professionals who desire to leverage online resources like LinkedIn to take the conversation offline – resulting in more sales, better strategic relationships, and to ultimately break away from the noise that is social media.