Ike Hileman lives near the village of Farmers in Paradise Township, York County, Pennsylvania, with his wife Rebecca. "Witches’ Pawn" is by far the best book this author has written. It is also his first. As soon as this one sells a million copies he will write another one. That is his commitment to you, the hopeful reader. Enjoy! P.S. The idea for this book came from a dream. The author actually knows nothing about witches. So if you are a witch, back off. And please, don’t cast a spell on him.

Freddie never thought of himself as a magic man — just a simple guy who could impress kids and adults with sleight of hand and rabbits out of hats. A long lost childhood memory brings him back to a town full of secrets that has waited a long time for his return.

Mysterious women with magical powers far beyond his pay grade soon guide him down a path of danger, lust and love. But Freddie learns he secretly controls their destiny. Only he can fulfill their eternal dreams.

Or end the game permanently.

A history of Bell Socialization Services and its contributions to the York, Pennsylvania community for the last 50 years.