Gloria Bostic taught special education in York, Pennsylvania. As a Masters level clinical psychologist she also worked with women and children to help them overcome abuse. Gloria lives in Dover, PA, with her husband, Lee, and enjoys spending time with her three sons and grandchildren.

It's a scary time for Flora when she learns her parents must go away. She will have to go live with her great-aunt, but can't understand why they call her great. Flora happily discovers why and agrees!

Through faith and forgiveness Valerie and Andy Reed’s marriage has survived and grown stronger in spite of Andy’s brief affair five years ago. However, the consequences of his tryst with Susan Walters, a former member of Val’s bridge group, may now turn their world upside-down once again. As Susan’s marriage falls apart, all she wants is to be a good mother to the child she had always longed for… yet her life is becoming unmanageable as she continually succumbs to the need for her next drink. As Valerie, Bonnie, Sarah, and Kathy gather around the bridge table, they share more than the game. Only time will tell what’s in the cards.

Valerie Reed is plagued by migraines, insomnia, and a growing anxiety that her happily-ever-after is about to come crumbling down. Tormented by the fear of losing her husband of nearly thirty years, she hangs onto the one thing she knows she can count on - her friendship with the women in her bridge group. They provide a safe-haven with warmth, laughter, and trust… until that trust is broken. As Val searches for a way to save her marriage and learn to trust again, her life and her bridge group go through unanticipated transformations. Their lives will never be the same, and Val wonders if the power of prayer will be enough to save them all.

Greta Friedman travels from victim to victory in this story of a young woman’s search for the life she’s been denied. A childhood filled with loss and abuse leaves her desperate to find love and normalcy, but as a young adult Greta is frustrated by unanswered prayers and a pattern of relationships that end badly… until she meets someone special. When Gabe Engel mysteriously comes into her life, Greta begins the journey that will give her the strength to escape impending danger and finally make her dreams a reality.