George G. Moore lives in northern Virginia with his wife, a dog, and a cat who benevolently rules over all he sees. When not managing a group of software engineers, he writes science fiction and speculative fiction.

He enjoys all manner of interests including golfing, reading, and attending concerts.

From an early age, space and space travel fascinated him. He finds Mars particularly fascinating and sees humanity reaching beyond Earth, to its neighboring planets and eventually the stars.

Blackballed from the archaeology field after a dispute with her project leader, Gretchen Blake accepts a job offer from the only company who’ll have her. MarsVantage needs her help to decipher odd symbols in a remote Martian cave. If she can correctly interpret them, it will open up access to an energy source that could finally allow the Marsees to declare independence.

Interplanetary, MarsVantage’s Earth-based rival, will stop at nothing to prevent them from succeeding… including bribery, theft, and even murder.

Can Gretchen unlock the secret held in this alien cavern before it’s too late?