“It was hard to keep a straight face!” says Elizabeth’s mother of the tales she wrote as early as six years old. Her parents sure got a kick out of them anyway! Today, this diehard romantic owes her inspiration and imagination to her family. Proceeds from the sales of her books benefit the Third Chance Foundation, a non-profit organization which provides scholarships to foster and adopted children, like her own. She and her husband of twenty-one years—her knight in shining armor—amidst their chaotic house full of kids and pets, consider themselves extremely blessed.

'He doesn't love me.' After living with her boyfriend Kyle for three years, Casey’s finally realized the truth. Even her closest friends, Aster and Matt, are protecting her from Kyle’s secrets. But Aster has relationship problems of her own. It’s not just that Matt has no career ambition. Suddenly he’s decided to become a Jesus freak. These four friends think they’ve been through everything together, but a shattering event is about to test the bounds of their love and their faith. In the wake of true tragedy, who will rise? And who will fall?

Drunk and Disorderly…

That’s what she was the ominous night Ryan finally saw Aster again. But she wants nothing to do with him and neither do her friends, Casey and Kyle. Why would they? Ryan knows he can never live up to Aster’s dead husband’s legacy.

Kyle believes his marriage to Casey is going great, despite past traumas. Except that now he’s faced with a life-threatening decision Casey can’t abide—a decision that could destroy them forever.

With too many choices, and a child’s wellbeing at stake, love won’t be enough to sustain any of them… or is it the only thing that can?

Sometimes a hero is needed… In 1869, the Ku Klux Klan was permanently disbanded. Or were they? Near the small town of Mount Joy, Tennessee, their rampant terror reigns. But the Klan is unsettled, for the darkness of night hides something they never expected—a mysterious vigilante, come to terrorize them! Jessica’s beloved family is part of the Klan, yet she can’t stop the admiration she feels for the brave, enigmatic man risking his life time and again to stop the violence and rescue those in danger. She knows how badly the Klan wants him dead. Her only hope is to figure out who he is before they do!

Some mistakes can never be righted… or can they?
Jessica may be in love with the Klan’s greatest enemy, but she can’t have him, for she is forever bound to another. Through her own idealism she chose to marry a man she can’t stand, a man who is a merciless bigot and a disgusting drunk, a man who has committed atrocious, unforgivable acts of violence in the name of the Klan.
But her hero…the one she loves…rescues the innocent by night. By day he is her friend. He doesn’t think she knows his secret, but she does, and she has vowed to protect him at all costs. Amidst the peril, devastating losses threaten to destroy her very existence. Before her eyes, everything she believes in is torn to shreds. When her husband’s life hangs in the balance and the freedom she craves is at hand, will she be able to forgive those who hurt her the most? And will love be enough to save a life?

Is He a Beast or an Angel? Gabriel Drayton is cruel, ruthless and severely deformed. Lilly Hawthorne accepts a position as tutor to his six-year-old daughter, only to discover the rumors about her employer are frighteningly true. She is revolted, but has no choice. To save her sister from a dire financial predicament, Lilly agrees to marry him. Strangely, the man she shares a bed with is nothing like the vulgar creature she endures during the day. Lilly is left to wonder, will she ever uncover what’s truly hidden beneath her husband’s mask?

He must protect his family at all costs!
No one sees his face. Not his daughter and certainly not his beautiful bride. Gabriel Drayton knows Lilly married him for his money… for what woman could ever love a scarred, disgusting beast like him? The only thing he has to offer is the security of his isolated ancestral home, where he believes they will be safe. But he is wrong! Death threats keep coming—just like those that plagued him four years ago. And this time they’re aimed at his wife and unborn child!

What a predicament for Garfield Hayes! His brother’s childhood sweetheart may be all grown up, but she’s just as meddling and annoying as she used to be. And she doesn’t even remember him! The last thing this reclusive writer wants to do is let her, and her straggly mutt, inside his mountain cabin. But, what other choice does he have when faced with a power outage, a blizzard, and a bridge too damaged to cross? He could let her freeze to death. Perhaps the better option would be to let his own frozen heart thaw just a little...