Edward Eck lives in Pennsylvania and works as a network administrator and computer programmer. His love of fantasy emanates from stories such as Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and the mythology of various cultures. His hobbies include dancing, reading and writing.

In high school he lost his interest in reading finding it boring. It wasn’t until later in life that his love of reading was rekindled when he started reading fantasy and sci-fi novels. He realized that he hadn’t grown bored with reading, he just wasn’t interested in the same material he had been required to read in school. Since then he has read many books and found a love for writing as well.

“Reading is an escape from the boring and mundane. Let your imagination soar!”

Not only is Tiamat still on the loose, and New York City threatened by a magical civil war, but dark sorcerers have released Fenrir—the great wolf of Norse mythology. To top things off, the New Circle’s immortal leader Max is either missing or… dead.
While Taryn and Vincent set off in search of Max, Cyrus leads a crew to find and re-imprison Fenrir before the wolf terrorizes all the nine realms. Will the other immortals Odin and Ra come to the rescue of Chronos and the New Circle, or are the forces of evil already stronger than the world’s greatest heroes?

Max awakens – with no memory of who he is – to find that magic is real and the ancient gods of myth were mighty sorcerers. When he is recruited to a group of young magic-wielders, the safety of the world is on the line. The enemy threatens to release powerful mythical creatures from their prison bonds, and only Max and his friends can stop them. But Max has a secret not even he knows. Can he remember in time?