Deborah Ribar Tibbs has the honor of being the mother to four amazing children, Louis, Jamie, Michael and Leah Ribar. Her oldest daughter Jamie has blessed her with five wonderful grandchildren. Juliana is her first granddaughter. Deborah Ribar Tibbs works as a legal assistant at CGA Law Firm and lives in York, PA, with her brand new husband Larry "Lar-Bear" Tibbs.

Every child craves independence, but will Juliana Butterfly take it too far?

Has anyone ever told you that you snore? William learns he snores while staying at a friend's house for the night. Afraid to go back to sleep, William encounters a very sleepy giant who snores, too. Together, the unlikely pair search to find a cure and form an unbreakable friendship in the process.

Kaleb's kindness is known throughout the land, until that peace is threatened by the arrival of a stranger in size 10 shoes. Can King Kaleb restore peace in the kingdom?