Since childhood, and knowing how to move a pencil, C.J. Ryan wrote short stories, poems and plays about nature and fun characters in school. Later, computers took over. While attending college and study of writing courses, interviews were conducted with many people for Human Interest articles written for the York Sunday News. The insurance profession followed. Articles were composed for dear clients to be aware of the most current products and important information. Short stories were written during free time. As the years went by, several writing courses were much enjoyed. With a college degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences, courses within which required composition were highly chosen. After early retirement from the insurance industry, concentration has centered on creative writing, like the days of holding a pencil and tapping the computer keyboard.

Wings to set them free... Off to the washroom Danny went, but his bath didn’t happen right away. Yet again, he had to assist a small eight-legged crawler to return outdoors. Enill Bizer's winged adventure was just beginning, but more than one storm is brewing which will test both the resilience of nature and the bonds of friendship.