Chas Williamson is a life-long Pennsylvanian. Over his life, he has been many things: husband, father, grandfather, amateur historian, as well as a story teller. The desire to write started at a very early age. For years, storytelling was only verbal, but in 2013, a work crisis was looming as his employer of 30-plus years decided to close. His wife encouraged him to use writing as an outlet to reduce stress. When he balked, she asked him to write a short love story. The short love story grew into what would later become Seeking Forever. It continued to blossom into three other books of the ‘Seeking’ series and then a second series. The characters he has created are very real to him, like real life friends and he hopes they become just as real to you.

Kaitlin Jenkins is selected to embark on a six-month work project, out of her comfort zone and far away from her support network. If only she hadn’t been assigned such a distractingly handsome partner — a former Army Ranger. Jeremy is making his first foray into the civilian world. But he was not prepared to spend half a year on the road with a woman who seems even more heartless than his ex-wife. Can love overcome the misunderstandings between them and the challenges of life on the road?