Barbara Gorski lives in southeast Pennsylvania. She holds master's degrees in English and Library & Information Science. She loves to create fantasy stories and drawings with animal characters.

What happens when a summer camp on tropical Solisbell Island turns into the adventure of a lifetime? From the very first day, mysterious accidents start haunting campers. Will they confront the villainous Alligator King before he endangers the lives of everyone in camp?

The happy life of Desmond, a young Australian lizard, is shattered by an earthquake, which leaves him and his friends orphaned. In the course of the rescue, they are directed through an organization to charitable families abroad. At night on the plane, an overheard conversation makes Desmond wonder about their destination. Are they actually being taken to a zoo? Coincidentally, a crash-landing in a swamp allows the children to escape. Soon they are found by Arlene, a kindhearted golden eagle, who guides them to Greenhill Forest. Amid their new life of fun school activities, the children learn important lessons on friendship, but can they also avoid capture by the zookeepers?

In the heart of a city, three visually impaired children must find a special restaurant to meet their parents for dinner. But it’s not an easy task, and seems almost impossible. Unexpectedly, they enter a mysterious shop and are transported to The Magical Land of Mobility. There, the children get tough lessons in orientation from elves, a leprechaun, and a bird. Could these practical skills help them reach their real-life destination?