Ann Clark is a Pharmacist who has spent her career working alongside scientists and research clinicians who develop lifesaving drugs. She was not working at a patient care level when both her parents developed cancer at the same time. Her experience as a caregiver with a Pharmacy background inspired the development of this journal. Ann still works in Pharmaceutical Research and Development. She lives in New Jersey with her family.

“Health InOrder” is designed to help you navigate the healthcare system. Created with loved ones in mind, this book allows you to maximize medical appointment time and care, while giving a tool for preparing for appointments, a platform for sharing critical information with each of your care providers, and the peace of mind that accompanies preparation and planning. Designed by a pharmacist whose parents developed cancer at the same time, she developed a way to organize information from a multitude of physicians and treatment specialists, while navigating the complicated U.S. healthcare system. Health InOrder’s guided journal pages and medication tracking cards allow you to maintain up-to-date information you can share quickly with all your doctors and care providers. The book also contains an easy to understand Who’s Who of healthcare to help you know what type of care to expect from each specialist and care provider. Any illness can create confusion and frustration for both patient and family members. With “Health InOrder,” you can organize your thoughts and focus on getting the best possible treatment and outcomes.