Amanda is the Founder and President of Operam HR, a human resources management, compliance and recruiting strategy business. She believes HR can be simple for businesses of all sizes! Her experience with large, multi-national corporations has taught her the importance of balancing the needs of management and employees through open lines of communication, education and a willingness to evolve company programs to meet the changing demands of the modern workforce.

You want your business to grow but how can you find the best talent and keep them engaged at your company? It’s the million dollar question for business owners. Most of my clients don’t have a strategy for hiring and engaging talent but they spend thousands of dollars trying to find the right answer. You don’t need to do that year after year. My guess is no one has ever taught you how to think about the employment strategy at your company. And that’s where HR Made Simple comes in! In this book you’ll get tips on how to find and hire the best talent, simple ways to engage your team and empower them to achieve your business’s goals, and a straightforward guide on how to stay in compliance to the various federal and state laws. This quick and easy read is designed to be your desk reference and is complemented by a number of tools on the website: Don’t dread human resources. It really can be simple!