{Day 2} 7-day Writing Challenge

Time to chime in with your Day 2 writing results!

If you’d like to have your writings from this week shared with other participants, then simply email them to me at demi@yotbpress.com and I’ll have my magical elves add them to the YOTB blog. If you’d like them to be posted anonymously, just remind me, otherwise I’ll give you all the credit and exposure. Or if you’ve posted them to your own website, then please share a link in your daily comments so we can follow along!

Write with joy!

31 Comments on “{Day 2} 7-day Writing Challenge”

    1. That’s so “meta” – I hope you’ll share your words with us! (just email me if you want to have it posted)

  1. Today (Monday)…698 words in 2 hours. Short Story Softball Weekend. Had to use time to come up with player details.

  2. I continued my tale of Julia and the space girl, Tubar.
    Julia is sharing earth’s beauty with her interstellar visitor.
    I wrote for an hour.

  3. Hi Demi. I wrote 282 words in about a half hour. I worked on blog post #5 which will go out in two weeks. bev

    1. Can you imagine a world in which you stay this far ahead of all the deadlines? (Actually you probably can, because you’re UBER organized, Bev!

  4. Only 177 today. Feel like a lightweight compared to others…lol! My brain is fried from a busy day at work.

    1. Can’t wait to read it! These little vignettes will make great Freemium offers to attract new readers to your mailing list *shameless commerce giggles*

  5. 15 minutes and 400 words today that was added to yesterday! Also cleaned up yesterday’s writing.

    What I am writing will be my next blog…so I will post in the morning and share then.

    Thanks to all who are inspiring this effort!!!

    1. Terrific, Sheran! I’ll link up your blog for everyone from the Day 4 round-up messages. Talk to you soon!

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