The Life You Said You Wanted

The life you said you wanted

Gus Orviston is the fishing prodigy son of polar extremes—Ma, a bait aficionado, and Hen “H2O,” a fly-fishing devotee. After graduation, Gus decides to break away and hole up in a cabin to live his “perfect schedule” of fishing 14 and a half hours each day.

While it’s tempting for an introvert like me to think that shunning the world and going renegade can bring ultimate happiness, this required college reading of David James Duncan’s The River Why only reinforced my belief that even when we get what we want, we still find ways to be unhappy.

Gus turned out to be lonely and couldn’t help but fall for a girl who could land a mean steelhead. Okay, at least they’d never starve.

Have you ever thought about what YOUR ideal day might look like?

What time would you wake up? Where would you be and who would be with you? What would you do first? Then how would the day proceed? And how would you celebrate another beautiful day in paradise at the end? Would it make you HAPPY?

Every October I sit down and do strategic planning for the year ahead, and a tool I use to guide decision-making asks me to map out my “ideal day.”

For me, it includes waking without an alarm, enjoying coffee on the deck with my husband, taking a walk and getting in touch with nature, then doing something of service and value to my community. The ideal day can’t be complete without happy hour followed by terrific food. Then some flute playing and maybe a relaxing diversion to polish off the evening.

So… here’s the thing. That pretty much describes every day of my last week.

Only um… I was really freaked out by it. I mean, I’m a card-carrying workaholic. The idea of a “half-day” means 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Maybe I could have skipped my walk and gotten caught up on social media posting. Or maybe I should have worked into the evenings to get jobs finished a few hours faster.

I was so busy feeling bothered and guilty about the not-working, that it took all the way until yesterday to realize I’m supposed to be HAPPY about creating the life of my dreams.

How about you? In what ways have you already achieved the life that you’ve been working toward? Seriously, click Reply and tell me, because I kinda think that we should celebrate! It’s so easy to breeze right past the moments that should be milestones when nobody else knows they were important.

I’m not crazy enough to believe that we’d want every day to be the “perfect day,” but maybe at least we should recognize when it shows up once in a while!

Wishing you a beautifully “ideal” day today!
Cheers, Demi

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