Resistance is Futile

Resistance is futile…

This is how I feel when facing a plate of spaghetti, waffles topped with ice cream, or anything that ends in “cheesecake.”

But did you know that procrastination is another form or resistance? Author Steven Pressfield in his War of Art  declares that the enemy—what he labels Resistance with a capital “R”—includes fear, self-doubt, procrastination, perfectionism, and all the forms of self-sabotage that stop us from doing our work and realizing our dreams. 

This week I’m declaring a personal war on Resistance. I finished the short story for that anthology I mentioned last weekend. I did the laundry before I ran out of underwear. Instead of dawdling through my 3-mile walks, I included short sprints (*cough* I hesitate to call it running, because probably other people’s version of walking would be faster), and I tackled my business To Do list like a demon bent for Sunnydale.

Yesterday I committed to do weight training with my husband whenever he’s working out. Today I’m hoping to finish up a big editing job. And by the time you read this, I’ll have taken a giant scary step of asking for help on a project I’ve been stalling too long, waiting for the “perfect time.”

Is there one of your demons you could face down today? I truly want you to succeed and realize all that you were put on this earth to accomplish. You were not made to be mediocre. You were not made to be unhappy. You were not made to be stressed out all the time. Today’s a great day for you to put on your Brave panties and claim all the awesomeness that was meant for you.

But sometimes progress is not just moving toward our dreams. Sometimes we have to pull back from crud that only brings us down. This week I also had to recognize that Resistance could keep me involved in tasks that don’t feed me.

To prepare for my annual Netherlands flute mecca, I signed up to attend an event in North Carolina. The plan was that it would give me added motivation to practice. But when the instructor didn’t like my music selections—and instead asked me to perform pieces I NEVER want to listen to, let alone practice or perform—for the first time in my life the “hell no” didn’t feel scary. I cancelled my registration and forfeited the deposit.

And in that moment I reclaimed my time for other dreams that WILL feed me.

Maybe there’s something you’ve been too timid to release from your life, so that you have room to find your “yes” for something else. Today feels like a perfect day to declutter things that don’t spark joy.

When I ask you, “Do you want to do xyz toward your dream today?”… I hope you only have two kinds of answers. “Yes” and “OMG Yes.”

As for me, I’m going to be at my editing/writing desk… which today looks an awful lot like my patio table in the sunshine. Wishing you a sunny Sunday mirth-day!

Cheers, Demi

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