Life Finds a Way

Life finds a way

A few years ago, I poured a packet of Sweet William seeds in the flower bed at the front of my house… I may have even watered them twice. You will probably not be surprised to learn that despite me being named after the goddess of agriculture and fertility (Demeter), this was not enough to coax the little flower kernels to evolve.

The following years I basically ignored the front flower bed and pretended it didn’t exist. Life got busy and frankly I spent more time looking at the (weed) garden behind my house instead.

But this year I swore it would be different. I decided to wait diligently until after the Zone 5 Mother’s Day sanctioned planting time, and then hop over to a nursery for some basically unkillable impatiens.

Of course you know when I set a goal, I follow through. Last week I bought a flat of happy pink buds and some mushroom soil (thinking it could make friends with the Glen Rock clay).

And wouldn’t you know? I made my way out front with gloves and a little digger – only to find two massively sweet Williams lounging in the shaded bed.

I didn’t have the heart to remove those Jurassic survivors, so I just planted around them.

But it made me think about the kind of seeds we sew in our own lives: join a gym, quit smoking, get organized, make a budget, write a book. We start with great intentions but don’t quite have the right combination of fortitude and fertilizer.

However, if we never sewed the seeds – one at a time over the course of months, years, or even decades – then the goal would still be further away than it is right now.

Maybe it’s time we stop beating ourselves up for falling off the wagon, and instead just find progress whenever we can. My farmer uncle used to say, “Make hay when the sun shines.” He also believed in sleeping late when it rains.

Today I encourage you to lounge in the shade, and maybe the sun, too. Enjoy the life you’ve been given… on your way to discovering what the life might be like that you would create.

Cheers, Demi

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