No Flaky Friends

No Flaky Friends

Do you have one of “those” friends who routinely cancels out on you at the last minute? You know… someone who was supposed to help you decide what to wear for your big presentation? Or who was supposed to go out to the movies and commiserate after your spouse forgot your anniversary? Again. Or who swore she’d go walking with you when you both went on a weight loss kick?

And how long does that friendship stay fun? How long until you stop even getting ready for those appointments because you’re pretty sure the other person is gonna bail? And then suddenly one day you find yourself hoping they’ll cancel, because their company really only brings you down.

Here’s the thing. When you set a goal… like writing a book… and you allocate time each week, but when that time rolls around you don’t feel like doing it… then you’re being a flaky friend to yourself.

If you believe in “The Muse,” then I want you to picture her sitting at your dining room table all dolled up for a night on the town. She’s packed a leather-bound journal, a special pen, and a bottle of your favorite social lubricant.

When you don’t show up, she’s a little miffed (because, hello, hair and makeup don’t just do themselves).

The next time you blow her off, she starts tearing out pages from that fancy-pants journal and shredding them around a picture of you she’d placed on an altar.

But let’s say maybe you show up the third time around, and get mad when she doesn’t immediately shower you with inspiration. You might stare at the blank page for several minutes, then wonder why the binding is frayed, then curse her name and storm away.

Ultimately, she takes her bottle and her size 2 skinny jeans and goes off to court someone else. But probably not before she lights your picture on fire.

Only “The Muse” was inside you all along. YOU were the one you were disappointing.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. I don’t want you to wait until next New Years rolls around and be making the same damn resolutions… and the same damn excuses…

I want you to take positive action today.

It’s easier than you think.

And you are WORTH IT!

And I’m gonna keep bugging you until you actually reach that goal you set for yourself.

You’re welcome…

Cheers, Demi

PS. Today’s message was inspired by Episode #25 of Kim Walsh Phillips’ new podcast¬†“Made to Thrive”. Congrats to my awesome author-bud on building a top-ranked show and a kick-tushy business that finally allows her to live the life she used to only dream of…

I’m honored to be part of the launch of this anthology… Life Coach: 22 Expert Life Coaches Help You Navigate Life Challenges to Achieve Your Goals. Thanks to all of you for helping make this a #1 Kindle best-selling book!¬† I’m featured in Chapter 5!

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