Live “as if…”

Live “as if…”

While editing a book about success and mental toughness, this phrase leapt out at me:

Live “as if” the thing you want to accomplish has already happened.

I started thinking about what this means, as a sentence in a book (of course), but also on a personal and professional level.

A few years ago, I knew I needed to upgrade the way I felt about myself, but didn’t have much money to spend on hair or nails or new clothes. I remembered something Aussie money-maven Denise Duffield Thomas recommended: “Upgrade one piece of clothing at a time.” So I decided to find a pair of dressy jeans that could double as casual.

I love a little bling, so I selected something with a sparkly design down the leg, and made sure the fit was actually flattering for a change. Now every time I wear them, I feel “fancy,” even if I’ve had a rough day.

When I started my business in 2014, it became obvious I needed some training in how to market and sell. But when the ideal course involved a flight to the west coast, a 3-night stay in a fancy conference hotel, and a serious wad of moolah for the online component, I didn’t feel worthy, or able to commit all at once.

So I made myself a deal… I blocked out the event dates on my work calendar, and placed the hotel reservation (which did not require a deposit).

A few weeks later, when enough business came in to cover the airfare, I booked that next, then researched nearby hotels at a fraction of the cost. Turned out I could rent a car AND 3 nights of the cheaper hotel for about the same price as 1 night at the conference hotel.

By convincing myself slowly that attending the event might actually happen, I grew into the idea of becoming the kind of business woman who invests in knowledge and career growth. And oddly enough, after I told the universe what I wanted to do, the universe brought me new clients whose fees would help support this dream.

If you have a dream goal on your list this holiday, I encourage you to consider how you might be living your life if that goal were already realized.

For example, when I asked a friend how her life would be different if she were already a published author, she answered, “I’d drink a leisurely cup of coffee, then journal for 10 minutes and work on my next novel for an hour or two.”

Ummm… what’s in that list that couldn’t actually be done RIGHT NOW… even if nothing else changed?

Considering she already drinks the coffee, all she needs to do is enjoy that cup more mindfully, with a pen in hand at the same time.

What’s YOUR big dream… and what would it look like if you started TODAY, living “as if” you’d already made it come true?

Happy Easter!
Cheers, Demi

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