Showing Up

Some people have jobs that are a lot like my 8th grade gym class… it doesn’t matter how you perform, as long as you SHOW UP.

But for most of our goals, that’s not enough. Not even close. We have to show up, repeatedly, and do the work.

And then usually we have to undo a step or two and fix whatever went screwy before the project actually gets done.

That pretty much describes my last week to a T. Two steps forward, one step back… must be a cha-cha. Never mind when the reverse happens and it’s only one step forward and two steps back!

These are the moments that define you.

While you already know I’m an OCD dog gnawing elephant bones in my work life, that’s pretty much de rigeur chez Demi. So when my husband suggested that four of these bookcases would look really awesome on the wall in the home office…

…there was very little that could stop me from making this vision come true.

Except maybe the fact that our local stores don’t stock them.

Or that they won’t ship them because of the glass doors, presumably.

Or that the closest place to find them is a 6-hour drive away.

Or that they’re being discontinued in August.

Or that I’d need a cargo van (because, hello… I drive a tiny little Honda).

So by now you must certainly know how I spent the last two days, right?

But the funny thing is, all that beautiful drive time gave me such a sense of peace and solitude. I got to catch up on podcasts and hear interviews with extraordinary people, and I also got to face my fear of driving a big ol’ tank of a cargo van.

In the first 2 minutes away from the rental place, my mind told me this was a B-A-D idea, and that there was no way I could possibly drive that thing as far as the stop light… never mind to Norfolk and back.

But after an hour or so, I decided it was some sort of metaphor for how I wanted to live my life… like that quote from Will.I.Amm of Black-Eyed Peas: “I’m the kind of optimist who says, ‘When one door closes, I’m gonna build another door’.”

So this week, my wish for you is that when life makes you want to pull the covers up over your head, you’ll at least opt for 800-thread count. 

Wishing you joy!
Cheers, Demi

When Barbara Walters became the first female news co-anchor (ABC, 1976, opposite Henry Reasoner), fellow employees, staff, and even the fans did not make it easy. She quotes this text — received in a telegram from John Wayne — as one of the things that allowed her to keep going.

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