Right Now, Write Now.

Right now, write now.

What time of day does your writing Muse show up?

Seven years ago, mine would bang away in the middle of the night, launching me to the keyboard at three o’clock in the morning. I thought that was “cool” because everything sounds brilliant when the lights are out.

Then she’d go off and visit other artists for days on end, and I’d catch up on sleep.

That was before I had a daily writing practice (not to mention a job in publishing). What started off as journaling my To Do list has grown into an addiction. One notebook holds the day-to-day, one for client work, one for music practice, and my weekly blog for you.

Suddenly the Muse is jealous that I’m no longer waiting for her, so she’s been ranting and raving for Date Night.

Of course, you know I’m a people pleaser. I can’t ignore this sweet little old lady, even when she shows up wearing spiky pink hair rollers and support hose.

How have you invited your Muse to the party?

Can you set aside a certain time of day to devote 10 minutes to your creative goal? The habit alone is enough to help the project flow easier.

Or sit at a different seat at your dining room table.

Or escape to a coffee shop with your laptop and headphones.

It’s quirky but true… when you create the time and space, the Muse knows you mean business. But if your butt-prints make the couch look like it’s Memory Foam, she sees that, too.

I’m claiming this Sunday afternoon for my Muse, and I challenge you to invite creativity into your life as well today. Write a poem, song lyrics, a children’s bedtime tale, a recipe (how about a new cocktail?), or pages on your current work in progress!

Let me know in a reply how it went. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Cheers from Glen Rock, Demi

P.S. Thanks to the combined prodding of you and the Muse, I’ll be published in two upcoming collaborative titles—an anthology called “Life Coach” with 21 other fantastic mentors, in which I share how you can finally cut through the procrastination and write your dream book (releasing at the end of May)… and another with the fabulous Author Success Coach, Deb Riley-Magnus, where we get real about book marketing, and the mindset that’s been holding you back.

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