Time to Stop RUNNING

Time to stop RUNNING

In almost every novel I read or edited this week, one or more characters RAN somewhere… when they could have scampered or darted or zipped instead.

This prompted me to revisit a list of alternate verbs for “to run” that may deepen understanding, or perhaps add characterization to the way someone moves.

I was struck by how many of them involve “horsey” terminology, like cantered, gamboled, hoofed it, trotted, galloped, or barnstormed.

In an effort to help your characters enjoy a more diversified jog, please enjoy the following list of verbs, and feel free to email me if you have a new one you’d like to nominate to the list!

I’m off to the fantastic Mindful Writer’s Retreat this week in Ligonier, PA, but I’ll get back to you after April 1st.

Cheers, Demi

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