Wake Up Inspired

“Today is a really good day”

These are the words I tell myself each morning before I get out of bed. And do you know what? This ridiculous little self-talk influences my mood profoundly.

Instead of being upset at the cats for whining at the bedroom door, I greet them with a smile and some nice words. Apparently they’re excited to see me. (Yes, I know they just want to be fed, but in that groggy state, my mind can be easily manipulated to think it’s pure worship and adoration.)

“Today is a really good day.”

On the off chance that the sun is up, this message rings even more true.

“Today is a really good day.”

Today, I’ll have the opportunity to choose how I spend my energy. Maybe not for the whole day, but for several hours I will be completely in charge of my actions (and inactions). I’m the only person in charge of my mood.

Imagine the power if you approached every task like this… every person like this… every day like this.

I used to have a hang-up about coloring books (because I might choose a “wrong” color). You see, I was approaching the page like it was the only time I’d ever get to be creative.

Similarly, all those fancy schmancy journals remained blank because I might write something stupid, or start something that I wouldn’t finish, thus rendering the rest of the book worthless. Again, I was treating the journal like it was the only opportunity I’d ever have to write.

Since then I’ve started and finished writing in a dozen or more gorgeous journals… and along the way I’ve learned that when I’m less precious about spoiling nice things, I actually get to enjoy them for the first time.

“Today is a really good day.”

Do you have any special candles or lotions you’ve been saving for just the right occasion? Today would be a perfect day to pull those out.

Is there a friend you’ve been meaning to call or write? Today’s a fan-freaking-tastic day for that, too. Even better than tomorrow.

In fact today is such a good day, whatever project you’ve been putting off more than a week should be allotted some of your attention right now. If you have multiple projects, then just start with one. After all, this is not the only “really good day” you’re going to have this week.

Cheers, Demi
P.S. If writing a book is one of your big goals, please, please, PLEASE take some time for yourself today to make that a priority. Even if all you do is reach out to me or a friend to hold you accountable, you’ll be glad you took that step toward the best version of yourself… one in which you keep your promises!

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