Spark Joy

Spark Joy

After lobbing one small low-ball phrase last week:

>You don’t need Marie Kondo to know how to clean out a junk drawer…

…I experienced a ridiculous amount of guilt about dissing someone I didn’t know, and whose books I had previously relished. So I did what it seems 8 out of 10 other Americans are doing and I dialed in to her show “Tidying Up” on Neflix.

You can probably guess what happened next.

Yes. My entire clothes closet. On top my bed. Including all the bags stored on the top shelf and a gown that’s needed its strap fixed since January 2017.

I’m pretty spare when it comes to clothing, but it was nice to get everything hung and/or neatly folded. But dear God… how did I get so many bras? Especially the ones that don’t actually fit. Okay, it’s not that they never fit, but more like I’ve been kidding myself that future weight loss would be accompanied by a reversal of gravity.

It’s time to realize that this particular South will never rise again.

Now I’m enjoying a beautifully organized closet full of momentarily clean clothes that meets her criteria of “Does it Spark Joy?” Yet I think it’s worth pointing out… I still didn’t NEED Marie Kondo.

Her power is not a magic recipe. It’s also not something you can hire her (or anyone else) to do for you.

Just like writing, there’s no substitute for DOING THE WORK. The joy comes not only from the items which you tidy (or the pages you write), but from the process of digging deep inside yourself to discover what brings you passion.

But what we all need is the INSPIRATION to get started. That’s where Marie’s power can’t be dissed, and where I needed to remind myself that none of us NEEDS a writing coach to clean out the junk drawers of our mind… but it sure does make it easier when a role model flips on the light switch.

So here I’ll remain in your Inbox each Sunday, ready to strike the match to hopefully spark your writing joy!

Together we’re stronger. Tidying up the corners of our writers’ psyches, realizing we’re not alone in our struggle to confront the scary truths we’re called to share.

And though we sometimes feel like very soon, the entire world is going to find out we’ve been faking it all along, together we learn we’re not alone.

Yes, we’ll be exposed. Yes, we’ll be vulnerable.

But that’s where the most important stories live.

And only you have the power to tell them.

Write with joy!

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