TMG Syndrome

TMG Syndrome

I am agonizingly conscious of the way I spend my days, hours, and minutes. My repressed Virgo perfectionism thinks that having a few more lists would help.

As normal, I have written down my goals for 2019—each one on a small card, suspended on a keyring—but I’m already feeling the overwhelm. This list of 100 items contains personal things like “sew button back on winter coat” as well as game-changers like “schedule mammogram” and “pay self-employment taxes quarterly.” Normally I just flip through my goals each Saturday during coffee time, pulling out anything I’ve “done” or choosing one to tackle over the weekend.

While there are easy punters like “quarterly laptop backup” and “have lunch with an old friend” that can be knocked out in an hour, I’m getting stuck on those that need daily or weekly love… like journaling, meditation, exercise, burning candles/diffusing essential oils.

When I focus my energy to release time each day for all of those, then I find myself agonizing over bigger goals like practicing flute, learning Russian, reading for pleasure, cooking from scratch, and designing new courses and writing books. Let’s not even talk about bathing, or getting dressed beyond PJs.

By the time I wake up, feed the cats and coffee the humans, either meditate or walk on the trail, and replenish the water supply in the diffusers, it’s time to lean into the business of serving my author clients. And after that, I become a brain-dead babbler with a growing fondness for Amazon and Netflix streaming.

Sometimes I can work myself up to practice flute after dinner, and I can squeeze in ten minutes of Russian and a few pages of a best-seller before bedtime… but the joy has gone right out of it.

If you’ve ever experienced this overwhelm of Too Many Goals syndrome, my heart goes out to you. We’re a breed of driven overachievers who may or may not have dismissed the myth that multi-tasking makes us stronger. We put other people’s needs and wants before our own. We wallow in guilt when caught out by a “but you promised you’d…” And nothing gives us more pride than hearing “you’re so much better at this than me.”

But honestly?

There comes a time when we have to allow ourselves to rest and recharge. If the Queen of TMG (aka Demi) can’t recognize this, then it’s time to add “prep for the zombie apocalypse” to both our lists.

So today I’m waving my magic fairy wand and granting us permission to focus on ONLY ONE GOAL AT A TIME.

You get to pick which one will really move the needle for you.

If it’s cleaning the kitchen (heaven help you), then glove up and go at it. You don’t need Marie Kondo to tell you how to clean out a junk drawer.

If it’s exercise, then put your tennies on and start moving.

If it’s learning something new, then visit the app store on your phone,, Khan Academy, or YouTube… because somebody is teaching it in your perfect price range. Right now.

Or if your goal is writing a book, then stop staring at MY words and start writing some of your own! Your voice will only be as powerful as your message once you get the words our of your head and down into written form.

I’m saying this with love (because I’m also talking to myself)… YOU ARE WORTH IT. You deserve to reach for your dreams. And you also deserve to not make yourself crazy while you’re working toward it.

It’s time to be mindfully in the moment of what you most desire to do.

And that’s where we’ll reclaim the joy that’s been missing.
Cheers, Demi

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