What My Obit Says…

What My Obit Says…

A couple months ago I received an email citing Mark Divine’s Unbeatable Mind, in which the author suggests we should pre-write our obituary.

The objective is to list things which gave us joy, our passions and accomplishments, and the people/causes we supported. If the story reflects the life we really wanted to live and the values we wanted to portray… and we’re happy with how it reads… then we’re G2G (good to go – pun intended).

But if not, then perhaps it’s time to change course and start living the life we want depicted in that final biography.

Since I just learned the cost of publishing an obit in one of my local papers exceeds $1,000 (yes, that’s 3 zeroes), I’ve decided to post it here while you can still appreciate me.

Dr. Demetra Ann (Baferos) Stevens recently passed as the result of excessive mirth, most notably while watching Season Two of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. She crocheted, weaved, and quilted in excess of 150 blankets, less than ten of which her estate still possesses. A lover of gourmet food, she nonetheless ordered the same meal each time she visited a restaurant, preferring “predictably great” over “possibly stellar.”

In what seems like a former lifetime, she was a National Merit Scholar, an adjunct professor of music, and an introvert incapable of small-talk in French, German, Greek, or English.

A former librarian, Demi loved reading, but hated the “book smell” (more technically known as mold) praised by e-book haters. She was well-read in science-fiction, fantasy, non-fiction how-to’s, satire, memoir, romance of every heat, and women’s fiction even though she’d sworn off Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks’ books, citing: “There’s not enough Kleenex in the world.”

She previously held positions in the food service industry (Rax, Eat ’n’ Park, Bexley’s Monk, The Kahiki, and Dan’z Cookies) while accruing 14 years of college training in music. At her doctoral graduation celebration, the winning entry of the contest to accurately define the letters after her name (BA, BM, MM, DMA) was: Bad Ass Bitchin’ Music Major Momma Drives Minivan Around.

After starting a writer’s group, she finally found her true calling in book midwifery, assisting in the birth of 250 books, through both natural and Cesarean methods.

She is (hopefully) survived by the love of her life, and one child who will someday find a direction that brings meaning and purpose.

How will YOUR obituary read? Are there items you’ve left unfinished? Dreams you’ve put on hold?

Perhaps it’s time to write a better future for yourself… beginning today.

P.S. If one of those “someday” tasks is writing a book, I beg you to believe in yourself! And if that seems too hard, reach out by reply, and I’ll believe in you on your behalf.

*Thanks, Ed Stanfield, for the great blog prompt!

**RIP, John Ellsworth Winter (1926-2019) and Douglas Knight (1972-2019)

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