The Bridge is Open

The bridge is open!

If you’ve visited me anytime in the last year, no doubt you had to play GPS tag with the bridge detour from hell. The good news is… our bridge has re-opened, bigger and better than ever… now two lanes wide!

But there are many bridges in our lives that we keep permanently closed. All my grandparents, parents and step-parents have passed on to the next life, and not so long ago, my list of friends would fit on a thumbtack. Writing, and more importantly, writers have become my redemption.

Finding ourselves in the pages of our scribbles is good therapy. Sharing our writing with a friend, or with the world on a blog or in a book, is scary though. It takes courage to craft something in the first place, but it takes a certain amount of trust to reveal it to those around us.

Whether you have or haven’t already found your tribe of raving fans, I encourage you today to reach out to someone and share a family story, a short story, a blog, even a poem. We can get so caught up in trying to write for mass approval that we forget to write in such a way that we touch one person.

It’s that personal caring we’ve been missing while our heads are buried in our cell phones.

And if you don’t have anyone in your life that you trust enough to share your writing with… write to me today.

You most definitely have a story to tell, and your words deserve to be heard.

Who knows? You just might inspire that other person to pass along a story of their own!

Happy sharing Sunday!
Cheers, Demi

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