CreateSpace to KDP Transition

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The indie pub world has been expecting this merger for many months and it’s really in high gear now. In case you weren’t aware, Amazon owned and operated two divisions for book publishing: CreateSpace, which handled the print side of things, and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) for all things eBook.

While great for allowing access to the country’s largest retailer, it meant authors had to manage two separate accounts to track sales – even for the same title… one for print, one for digital.

It was also double duty to enter all the book descriptions and keywords and categories… not to mention all the tax and royalty info.

While I hate change as much as artichoke hearts, the benefits to this consolidation far outweigh the boogers.

By far, my favorite outcome from this merger is the ability for indie authors to run Amazon AMS ads to print titles. With a relatively small time investment, and as little as $1/day monetary investment, many authors have been able to resuscitate positively dead sales (which is different than “mostly dead” – according to Princess Bride), and then optimize those ads to generate the flow of recurring positive income.

If you’ve been terrified by the concept of “Facebook ads,” this is a low-key, low-budget way to break out of marketing paralysis and finally sell books to perfect strangers.

What you need to do to get ready:

  1. If you haven’t already moved your book(s) over to the KDP platform, then login to and click the button at the top to begin the migration. Next, you’ll link that account to your KDP account (or an existing Amazon account). If you don’t have to spend twelve hours locating your passwords, then you’ll have this task completed in about 35 seconds.
  2. If you have both print and eBooks of the same title, just click the “Link existing (paperback/eBook)” and they will pull together into one nice listing on your KDP dashboard.
  3. Then look for the button out on the right of each listing that says “Promote and Advertise.”
  4. One of the steps you can do beforehand is to compile a list of keywords that people might search for if they were looking for your book. Type it up (and save it so you can use it over and over). Remember to include not only words and phrases that are topic-driven, but also add the titles and author names of comparable books in your genre.
  5. If you’re uncomfortable with following the on-screen directions to set up your ad, you can check out YouTube to watch a tutorial put together by other indie authors (there are several), or email me to book a strategy session for late November.

In next week’s installment, I’ll share what I’ve learned from uploading brand new print books to the KDP platform over the last two months. It’s almost all up-side, but I’ll point out the couple of landmines so you don’t have to waste any of your precious writing time doing battle with the machine.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and if you’re in the area next Saturday, please stop by York Book Expo from 11am-4pm at Wisehaven Event Center: 2985 E. Prospect Rd, York, PA. I’d love to hang out with you and introduce you to other local and regional authors!

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