10 Year Goal? I Can’t Plan Next Week!

10-year goal? I can’t plan next week!

When October rolls around, I get an itch to start planning the following year. I realize normal people do this after Christmas, but I’m an overachiever. Plus I have a not-so-secret office supplies fetish.

For many years I searched for the perfect calendar/agenda/planner to help.

Datebooks abandoned, everywhere!

In an unusual turn, three years in a row found me in love with the Leonie Dawson Life & Biz Planners – a rainbow/hippie splash of color and world-conquering genius, but I still supplemented the planning material with a datebook that could organize my day, week, month, and quarter.

At the beginning of my Dreambook Planner for the coming year, there’s a section with questions about how the previous twelve months went… covering a cornucopia of topics. I’m not even sure a therapist digs this deep.

Last year I thought I would “put one over” on the Universe, by setting smarter weight loss goals. In consecutive bullet points I penned:

  • Lose 5 pounds
  • Lose 5 more pounds

Turns out the Universe had the last laugh. First I gained 17 pounds over a 2-week vacation, then I lost 4, spent 6 months losing 4 more, and having been playing peekaboo with the same number ever since. The number “5” never entered the equation, and the thought of being 10 pounds lighter than when I wrote that first goal is simply laughable.

I guess I’m not the only batty one to start planning in October though. Earlier this week I read a blog headline: “How can I set a 10-year goal when I can’t even plan for next week”? If you’re a stranger to goal setting, then don’t even bother with “next week”… start with TODAY.

The problem most of us get stuck in is that we plan too much for today and tomorrow and next week, and then get burned out when we can’t keep up the breakneck pace. Have you ever said, “I’m gonna save that project for summer… when I have time” ??

Yeah. How’d that work out for ya?

What I’ll encourage you to ponder instead is to identify a habit you could do for 10-15 minutes a day (or less) that would move you closer to your goal. One of my husband’s friends adopted an exercise ritual – “burpees” – with a goal of doing AT LEAST ONE per day. I think it takes just a few seconds to do one, but based on the diagram I just viewed on Wikipedia…

…I’m pretty sure it’s not on my 2019 To Do list.

But I can do a sit-up.

Well, I can do a couple sit-ups. And I can commit to the 20 seconds it will take me to do them. Because I have the feeling if I simply tell myself I need to do “just 2 sit-ups”… then once I’m actually down there on the floor, I might get carried away and do 5.

I know this about myself. There’s absolutely no point to me joining a gym or buying protein powder or hiring a trainer. The perceived time is too great a cost. But I could give a couple minutes.

Who knows? Maybe it could work as good as my once-a-week writing habit. Ha!

Do you have a goal that’s still on your 2018 list? Is there an element, no matter how tiny, that you could knock out today? What if you could commit to doing 1 tiny step toward it each day this week?

Maybe there are still boxes in your basement that haven’t been opened since you moved in. Why not bring one upstairs today and park it on the kitchen table until you deal with the contents? One item at a time. One box at a time. Clearing space in your life for new things and opportunities to visit you!

I’ve been wracking my brain for a good 10-year goal, and maybe cleaning out the basement should join the list. What would be on your short-term and long-term Gotta Do This list?

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