The Glamorous Writing Life

The glamorous writing life

So here I am, penning my weekend missive to you from the beach with the sand between my toes while a tall, dark and handsome cabana boy delivers umbrella drinks and offers to rub my feet.


Not so much.

I’m sitting on the couch with a laptop that acts up when it gets so much as a hundred yards from a beach. If I’m lucky, the cat will give me a wide enough berth to be able to type.

A deep stack of proof copies awaits on my coffee table (umm… I mean desk), and the digital heap of manuscripts in the in-box awaiting first or second edits makes my 900-page dissertation look like a breezy light read.

But I love it. Each and every moment.

It’s just that when writing muggles (aka folks who’ve dreamed of writing a book but rarely set words to paper) start waxing eloquent about the writing life, I find myself intoxicated by their description and think maybe I should get a job like that.

Yet while there are elements of truth – like I really can travel off to distant lands and zap in my “homework” via the ether – writers can’t just simply step away from all the normal responsibilities any more than a pre-school teacher or a plumber. The grass still has to get mowed, babies’ poo still stinks, the older kids have to get to all their commitments (which every other parent in the neighborhood presumes you won’t mind dropping off their offspring as well… since “you don’t have a real job”), and believe it or not, the bank still wants your mortgage payment every month despite the fact that royalties only come in quarterly – if you’re lucky.

Let’s not even talk about health insurance.

Maybe the stereotypes come from those glamorous ball gown photos on the back of Danielle Steele’s ’80’s torrid romance novels. I’d like to look like that at the end of a 300-page book. Makes me think of a certain other job industry’s stereotypes…

So while I have to laugh at other people’s vision of my day-to-day glamorous life, the fact that I’m doing so while in my pj’s is probably best kept as our little secret.

In all honesty, I’d love to grant you the real writing life – butt in chair, hands on keyboard – because I can’t think of anything more rewarding than scribing stories that make your heart sing… and that can help your readers find solutions to their pains and tribulations.

There are many prolific authors out there doing so while holding down a full-time muggle job, and others who make the leap to “not a real job” and master both the artistic liberties of writing as well as the discipline of building an entrepreneurial business.

In this aspect, we writers are lucky. We get to choose so many things. What time will I write today? What scene will I write tomorrow? Which bad-boy character should my heroine fall in love with?

What’s not a choice is the writing itself.

What will YOU write today?

Wishing you a glamorous life filled not only with books written by other people…
Cheers, Demi

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