The Writing Life

The Writing Life

Recently I’ve been reading passages from Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life before bedtime, detailing the hardship and travails of a career devoted to the massaging of words… slaving over a paragraph for the better part of a day, only to realize that one good sentence would have been enough.


Normally when I buy a writing craft or inspiration book, I pass it on to my students, but I can’t honestly say I would ever want you to adopt this mentality. It’s a romanticized version that legitimizes a lifestyle even my Mediterranean ancestors wouldn’t call a full day’s work.

I mean, I could have started this blog post last spring and shaped and beaten it and thrown it out a few hundred times only to rewrite and curse and smoke and walk the beach waiting for divine wisdom to swoop down and guide my fingertips across the keyboard… then drink a lot of coffee and booze when the muse called off sick.

Or I could just embrace the fact that I actually like to write, and stop torturing myself by procrastinating something that’s going to feel so good when I finish.

What goal have you been putting off that will actually feel really good when you dig in and get started?

This weekend I got to offer a premium service to one of my writer clients who’s been overwhelmed for months and just needed to bust through her blocks to get to “the fun part” of creating… without all the stress of needing it to be perfect the first time.

It feels amazing to watch someone discover the joy and know that I played a small part in defeating the defeatist attitude of “The Writing Life” as one of pain and disillusionment. Turns out, writing doesn’t HAVE to be hard.

Cheers, Demi

P.S. If you’ve been having too many Annie Dillard moments and need some TLC to help you discover (or rediscover) your writing mojo, just send up an email flare and we can talk about what your 1-on-1 magical writing day with Demi might look like.

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