Friendship and Flowers

Friendship and flowers…

These are two things I know the least about.

In 2006 I was a librarian married to my work. My best friends were books (which required very little care and maintenance). They were content to hang out in my living room all day, but I never had to worry about them drinking out of the milk container or thieving the last slice of pizza.

They didn’t call to interrupt me when I was doing something “important.”

They didn’t have melt-downs in the middle of the night and smear snot all over me.

They didn’t drunk text me pictures of the crack of their spines.

And they never once embarrassed me in public (okay, maybe that one book with the racy cover…)

But they also never wrote back when I was having a shit day and just needed someone to say, “It’s okay, Demi,” or “At least you didn’t pee your pants when you coughed on film.”

And that’s where I count my blessings for being here in 2018 with you as my friend. From the bottom of my snarky heart, I say thanks for all your uplifting emails and tweets and FB comments last week. You helped me rise from the pit of despair and put the “FUN” back in my “FUNK.”

(I thought maybe I made that phrase up, but turns out there’s a song by the same title by the band Pigeons Playing Ping Pong.)

Thanks for being my friend!

(Just please don’t gift me any plants or flowers unless they have a death wish.)

Wishing you a week filled with awesomeness,
Cheers, Demi

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