Exceeds Expectations

“Exceeds expectation”

Have you ever been forced to sit through an annual performance review (either as a receiver or a giver)? In my opinion these are just about the most excruciating wastes of oxygen next to standing in line at the D.M.V.

Typically the employee is required to fill out a form about what they’ve accomplished in the previous 12 months, and ultimately to categorize the quality of their contributions in 2 small words:

  1. Below expectations
  2. Meets expectations
  3. Exceeds expectations

And then the employer fills out an equally mind-numbing form while the employee prays (and perhaps makes a sacrificial offering of a stapler and a stack of post-its) that the end result – those 2 little words – will match.

The problem I have with this is that it often demonstrates the lack of knowledge that a bad employer has of good employees and what they are doing… or it presages the disappointment of a bad employee who was clueless about what was expected of the work before going into this meeting.

For me, back when I was an employee, I would develop a serious complex around review time.

“What if they say I’m not exceeding expectations?”

Yes, my overachiever syndrome will not be content (never mind happy) with anything less than highest marks.

And yet, now when I’m both the employee and the employer (of myself, said overachiever), I face the daunting challenge of continually wanting to exceed my own expectations.

But do you know what happens when someone routinely exceeds your expectations?

You move the bar.


So now just the act of meeting expectations has become daunting.

So exceeding them takes on epic proportions.

My question for you today is: What have you been aiming for?

Are you happy to wallow “Below expectations” ?

Or content to “Meet expectations” ?

What if for this one day you could strive to “Exceed expectations” ?

What could you accomplish if you told yourself perfection doesn’t matter, but progress is all that counts? Here’s the illogical truth behind that one… when you can release yourself from having to be perfect, that’s when you’ll finally be great!

Cheers, Demi

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P.P.S. I have now officially left on my Holland trip, so I won’t be posting next Sunday. I’m telling you now so you can plan ahead to avoid the heartbreak and lonesome feelings when there’s no Demi-missive in your inbox. Consider therapy. Or chocolate.


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