Time is on Your Side

Time is on your side…

I’m pretty sure no one would ask a gardener how his tomatoes taste if he only planted them a couple weeks ago. So why is everyone asking me how my trip to Holland went? Are we so programmed for immediate gratification that we can’t imagine something worth weeks (if not months) of preparation?

It’s still six more “sleeps” until I hop on the airplane, and I’m like a boiling tea kettle of excitement.

That imagery prompts me to think of all the screaming high notes my husband and cats have endured! Perhaps sometimes they wish they could turn off the “heat” for bit.

But just as ramping up a musical performance takes time, practice, and repetition, so does getting ready for almost anything big you want to accomplish… and that includes your author marketing system.

News flash: Attending a book marketing class and then doing nothing with the information you “learn” will not result in an increase of book sales.

So this fall I’m offering you a golden chance to attend AND participate in a different kind of book marketing workshop. I’m teaming up with Author Success Coach Deborah Riley-Magnus for a 3-day Hands-on “Get Shit Done” Author Marketing Masterclass, Friday thru Sunday, September 21-23, at my headquarters in Glen Rock, PA.

You will not only learn about the power of having a strong elevator pitch (for each book), but you will craft yours (with help) and practice it so it becomes natural.

We won’t just tell you that you need to post on social media x-number of times per day/week/month, but we’ll teach you which platform(s) to focus on and send you home with at least 30 starting posts that you’ll write in class, and more than 250 pre-built memes, images, and holiday posts to fill out your calendar for a full year.

We won’t preach about “boosting” or placing expensive Facebook ads that eat your precious marketing dollars, but we will get you signed up for a series of relevant Facebook “groups” where your posts will get tons of notice even before you’ve built up your own tribe of raving fans. And we’ll teach you just exactly what to post so you don’t sound like every other “Buy My Book” newbie author.

You’ll also be able to take advantage of a pre-class online training to help you compile all the email addresses of your friends, family, colleagues and Facebook followers (yes, there’s a secret ninja stealth way to do this for your profile page friends) into a single file… so that you can take advantage of the in-class Mailing List session where you will create your very first fan list using a FREE program that won’t get your emails marked as SPAM.

Finally, you’ll learn more effective places to host your author events and attract a crowd, and we’ll close the weekend with an enlightening exercise to help you understand more about your individualized author goals so you don’t dig a financial hole or find yourself pretending to be something you’re not… or would never want to be.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence wondering how to coax a stranger to buy your book, then this class may just be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

If you’ve attended a ridiculous number of book marketing classes and still not done a damn thing, then this may just be the weekend Demi whips out her YOTB-branded pitchfork to “help” you get started!

But if you think this masterclass will work by osmosis, or that you will be able to set things up once, over a long weekend and never touch it again… then don’t waste your money. Building an effective author brand takes just as much time and energy as I’ve put into preparing for my Holland music workshop… which by the way still hasn’t happened.

We have only 12 seats for this 3-day banquet of awesomeness, and we WILL NOT be hosting this workshop again for at least six months. When it’s sold out, it’s sold out.

The course is $225 for early registration and runs Friday and Saturday, 10:00am – 4:00pm, and Sunday, 10:00am – 1:00pm. Lunch for Friday and Saturday is included in the price, so you won’t find a better deal anywhere. Plus you’ll be able to meet and network with other aspiring authors just like yourself to build your support system for the future. Price goes up September 1.

To register now, click http://paypal.me/yearofthebook/225 where payment may be made by credit card or PayPal. If you prefer to pay by check, then please email me immediately so I can hold your spot, and mail payment to: Year of the Book, 135 Glen Avenue, Glen Rock, PA 17327.

If you have questions, just email me at demi@yotbpress.com and I’ll be happy to talk it over with you to determine if this masterclass is for you. I’m a woman of integrity and would never try to sell you something you’re not ready for or that won’t provide value to you at your current stage of the game. I’m still a thrifty librarian at heart.

If you’ll be traveling from a distance, I will happily assist you in finding lodging arrangements locally. Just email.

Wishing you a week filled with awesomeness,
Cheers, Demi

P.S. There’s seriously only 12 seats for this workshop. We want to be able to give hands-on help to you individually. You are never a number here… Unless of course that gets you motivated to work, in which case I’ll consult a numerologist and pick a really good one just for you based on the date and time of your birth and the number of miles per gallon your car consumes.


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