Selling Children’s Picture Books – There’s Hope!

Actually SELLING your books? There’s hope!

You’ve probably heard me say that most independently published books sell fewer than 200 copies in their entire lifetime. Partly this is driven by a saturated market… there are so many books available for readers to choose, and it’s hard to make your book stand out.

But tough truth time… most of the fault is because authors are lazy marketers.

We’re lazy because it’s not our zone of genius. We’re lazy because there’s a steep learning curve. We’re lazy because we’re afraid of doing it “wrong” and appearing foolish. We’re lazy because marketing and advertising often means investing money without a guarantee of ROI (return on investment). And we’re lazy because at some deep level we feel that if our book was actually “good” then it would sell itself.

Of course this is poppycock.

If Coca-Cola stops advertising for a week, their sales and revenue fall. It’s not like people stop knowing about Coke. It’s just that soda isn’t on our minds if we aren’t reminded.

So how can we get our books into readers’ minds?

This technique works effectively for all genres of independently published books, but the interview I link below focuses on how children’s picture book author, Laurie Wright, has taken her sales from almost non-existent to 40-100 copies per day.

If you’re a children’s picture book author… you’ll immediately understand this is NOT NORMAL. This genre is one of the hardest to market because YOUR CUSTOMER IS NOT YOUR READER. Your reader is probably aged 3-8 and doesn’t have an Amazon account or a credit card on file at your local bookstore.

So regardless of what genre you write, the advice offered in this episode from James Blatch and Mark Dawson’s Self-Publishing Formula Podcast just might be a place you can start with a really low threshold of ad dollars (as low as $1/day) and stupid-simple directions you CAN follow.

The interview starts at around 9:30 in the video if you want to skip ahead, but there are juicy tidbits through till the end. The trick is to not be one of those people who says: “This won’t work for me,” and instead ask: “How can I tweak this to work for me?”

Another important thing to note is that successful authors (and big companies like Coca-Cola) don’t just market their products once. It’s a continuous cycle of building a brand, creating awareness, and REMINDING your tribe about the great things you have to offer!

I can’t wait to hear how you implement this technique, and what success you have.

Market with joy!

PS. If you don’t have a clue how to get started with this technique, I have a limited number of 30-minute coaching sessions available over the next four weeks. If you and your book are good candidates, I’d love to help you get your first ad set up and offer ideas for how to tweak the marketing over time to keep momentum. Just REPLY here and let me know!


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