When the Chips are Down

How do you respond when a deadline is approaching that would prompt others to throw in their Martha Stewart towels?

My child’s high school football fans left the stadium early to avoid traffic when the game was a “sure loser.”

April 15th tax filers fuel up on caffeine to plow through and get that return to the Post Office by midnight (except for lately, when ridiculous rules extend the deadline to even the 16th and 17th… merely prolonging the agony). Still others say, “WTF,” and pay the extension fee before crawling apologetically to their accountants.

In the 2017 Super Bowl, the New England Patriots were down 28-3 at the end of the third quarter, yet came back to win 34-28 in overtime.

My mom used to send the electric bill payment to the telephone company when she knew there wasn’t enough money in the bank account.

And enough times to make me queasy, I’ve followed author/illustrator/editor Laurie J. Edwards’ impending deadlines where she pulls out back-to-back manuscript submissions in less time than it takes me to order takeout.

So how do YOU rise or fall to the occasion?

I ponder this nearly every weekend as my blogging deadline approaches. That one finds me adopting my famed #SuckItUp mentality because I love connecting with you. It always feels better after I’ve written. But the diet and exercise regime? I’m good for five or six days and then #PizzaRules.

Part of the problem is deadline priority, and another part is deadline accountability.

The Eisenhower Decision Matrix advises that there’s a difference between “urgent” and “important.” Most of our bucket-list goals are important, but we have trouble placing “Climb Mt. Ranier” above the necessity of paying the mortgage and our kids’ college tuition.

What are your tips for doing battle with the evil D-word?

Live with joy!


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