Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

Fifteen years ago, I couldn’t imagine a vacation that did not revolve around visiting extended family. (Doesn’t sound much like a vacation, does it?)

Five years ago, I couldn’t imagine a vacation in which I spent less than 3-4 hours each day “sneaking in” work.

This past week, my husband and I were lucky enough to experience a once-in-a-lifetime cruise to Alaska… and apart from cleaning out my email Inbox a few times (and writing this post), I did almost no work at all.

The watershed moment is that this outcome was a surprise even to me. I’d set out with every intent to knock out a few edits and lay claim yet again to #workfromanywhere.

What I discovered instead was a joy in sleeping late, dining long, walking slowly, and “doing nothing.”

As we head into the heat of summer, I encourage you to consider whether you’ve been stockpiling too many projects for your “vacation,” and whether it might just be more refreshing and reinvigorating to unplug for a while so you can come back with a clear head and a deeper love for what it is you do… and who you choose to spend your life with… and the person you will allow yourself to become in this next best version of you.

Sometimes life’s best stories are “written” without ever being recorded…

Live with joy!


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  1. Demi, what a great blog. It is filled with wonderful and timely advice. You are such an inspiration to me!!

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