That’s Not Who I AM

This week I discovered something true and valuable about myself.

I’d like to say this happens every week, but honestly, nope.

The issue surfaced after an author-client… time after time… requested NOT to be part of the writing and revision process of the author’s own book.

Since I don’t entirely live under a rock, I’m aware of the “Done for You” climate of our culture, where many companies specialize in providing services we don’t want to do, in exchange for money. And I’m fine with that. In fact I LOVE that about the landscaper and mechanic who periodically enhance my life.

But the whole culture of my flat-fee publishing service is that I work one-on-one with aspiring writers to help them accomplish this dream that seems so much larger than what they feel able to do alone.

I help create experiences which are unique and memorable. My deepest desire is to share the love of story and the power of words, so my author friends truly enjoy the journey of writing.

And while a portion of my publishing services includes Done-for-You tech stuff (the formatting and design and yada yada), what I love the most is the thrill of rising to the challenge, of working together, often establishing an intimate friendship (especially when the topics are vulnerable). It’s about discovering our true and core beliefs through the process of writing. It’s about becoming more human.

In this week’s crisis moment my mantra became, “Step away from the keyboard.” Yet I still feel compelled to write. Because by putting down the words, I’ve learned more about who I am and what I value.

And I’ve refined the definition of “who I’m for.”

Because ultimately, there is a market… even a really large market… for publishers to help people create books that will give them social status or build business credibility and authority… without the messy step of writing. And for them, it’s worth every penny.

But now I know that’s not who I am.

Write with joy!

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  1. I’m so glad that’s not who you are because it’s the way you’ve always worked with me to produce the finished manuscript that I love. And the friendship that has grown out of it is a treasured bonus.

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