In the Company of Girlbosses

Reflections on time spent in the company of smart & savvy business women.

After an awesome business retreat in sunny Atlanta at the Llama Cottage with my BBBs (best biz buds), author/entrepreneurs Michelle Martin Dobbins and Debbie Herbert, I’ll be headed home tomorrow with a clearer focus and motivation to nail those 2018 goals! Here are my top take-aways:

  • Our mood guides our decision making, for better AND worse – so choose wisely… because it’s ALWAYS a choice
  • We rise to the power and mindset of those around us – so surround yourself with “the quality”
  • Badass biz-ery is more fun than “work”
  • It’s okay to be a freak
  • In fact, “normal” is boring
  • It’s okay for our fans to someday “outgrow” us because it means we’ve inspired them to GROW!
  • Success happens when you keep showing up and DO THE WORK
  • It’s not entirely about making lists
  • It’s not even about being “perfect” or “right”
  • It’s about connecting and authenticity
  • It’s about finding someone who’s got your back
  • Diffusers are awesome – try lemongrass oil for energy, oregano to “cleanse” germs, and lavender for restful sleep
  • Kissing a llama is not overrated
  • Cockroaches are waaay bigger in the South

If going it alone is less than you thought it was cracked up to be, I encourage you this week to find some like-minded souls on the path to your same dream… and start your own posse.

It’s easier than you might believe. Start small, and stay flexible. And remember… you’ll almost always learn more about whatever goal you’re working toward, when you’re actively helping someone else to accomplish the same thing.


Write with joy!

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