Finding Readers on “Medium” – as well as Inspiration to Write

I did something completely out of character this week.

Instead of hiding behind my editor’s keyboard, I wrote and published several blogs of my own to a platform called Medium. You know… to like… total strangers.

My friend Dawn Engler got me hooked on the site last spring when she started blogging there. I’ve been reading fresh content weekly ever since.
Sometimes daily.

But never once had I posted anything of my own.

When I clicked Publish for the very first time 8 days ago, I felt a dirty little thrill (like that time I tried to count how many licks it really takes to get to the center of the Tootsie Pop drop, but got bored and crunched right in). Then I shared a link on my Facebook and Twitter. And that’s when the weirdest thing happened. I got inspired to write more stuff!

Not because a million people had instantly flocked to my post, or clicked the little CLAP button to like my stuff (which is AWESOME, by the way), or because I knew I had written something profound (because, Hello!)… but because the possibility of finding even one new reader who might like or benefit from what I had to share was so heartening… the possibility of making a genuine connection was intoxicating.

(Or maybe that was the hard cider?)

Since then I’ve posted 5 additional stories (including this one) and shared witty repartee with a cool guy named Edward who is a ghostwriter and coach.
(Or at least his repartee was witty. Jury’s still out about mine…)

My own brilliant coach, Deb Riley-Magnus, encouraged me to post article links to various Facebook groups (as in, other people’s Facebook groups based around writing topics), and that’s where 80% of my stories’ views have come from so far.

TODAY’S TRUTH-BOMB: Just because someone else is hosting your “party,” don’t expect them to supply all the food and games and guests. This is never more true than when you’ve been invited to do a book signing at a shop or library… and it turns out they were hoping YOU were going to bring new traffic to THEIR venue.

Beyond the simple pleasure of posting for love and likes, Medium offers another intriguing option for bloggers: the Medium Partner Program. Through this opportunity, you can create and share content on Medium’s site and EARN MONEY based on how many Medium members engage with your work. (Medium members are folks who have subscribed to the site – $5/mo or $50/yr.) Whenever they click the CLAP button or RESPOND or SHARE your content, you earn moolah. How cool is that?

But all of your posts can still be available for folks to read for free (just like this one), which appeals to me on every level (sorry Edward, I know I just used the other “l-word” and I promised not to, but…).

So if you’ve been harboring either a desire to find new readers for your work, or a way to pizzazz-up your writing inspiration, I’d encourage you to give Medium a try. Practice safe voyeurism for a bit (yeah, get your mind outta the gutter), by signing up for a free account, then click around and read a few posts on topics you love.

You can follow my posts HERE, including the one that’s gaining the most traction:, which is the opening installment of my memoir account of Year of the Book: How one community writer’s group helped its members finish writing and publish their books.

Or if you’re already reading this on Medium and would like to receive my weekly Sunday email Inspiration-for-Writers, by all means, let’s set you on the path to finally finishing that book you’ve been dreaming about! You can SUBSCRIBE HERE, and I promise not to sell your address (even if Meryl Streep wants to play “me” in the movie). Or simply visit: to stalk me from a non-invasive distance.

Until then, I hope you have a positively energizing week in which you are able to share your stories for people who so desperately need to hear the message!

Write with joy!

PS. If writing and publishing your book feels as challenging as licking all the way to the center of the Tootsie Pop drop without losing patience and crunching in, I’d be honored to help you find a calorie-free alternative that better supports your writing goals! Just click “REPLY” and we can get started right away.

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