If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail

Got a dream on your list that’s so gigantic you can’t imagine how you could possibly make it come true?

What if an expert had your back?

What if this person had successfully navigated the shark-infested waters that have stopped you from even starting?

And what if they had done it over and over again, helping other people achieve the dream?

Would you risk it then?

If you’ve known me more than 18 months, you might recall this very same situation came my way in December 2017. A savvy business marketer with a proven track record offered to mentor me to my very first 6-figure year.

It was a goal that terrified me. But also one which inspired.

Sure, I dreamed of paying off my car and credit card, and taking my graduating senior on a kick-tushie summer trip to see the Drum Corps International finals. Yet I knew the bigger truth. In figuring out how to conquer my own money blocks and self-esteem issues, I’d probably learn some lessons that could help others.

For me, the first Big Truth was seeing how fast I stepped up to the plate once someone I deeply respected said they believed in me. I had let myself become mired in a hundred-item To Do list of meaningless bullshit, taking no action toward my big goals. Of course, I wasn’t making progress on the BS either.

In my first coaching session, my mentor gave me a strategy to brain dump all those tasks – big and small – that needed to get done. In typical Demi style, I looked for items which could be dealt with in under 10 minutes, and in just a couple days the list was decimated.

Why do we spend more time procrastinating something than it actually takes to just DO it??

In a next lesson, I learned how to break the remaining tasks down into smaller steps so even the larger-than-life ones still saw progress. And this cleared my head enough to finally focus on what truly mattered to move my work to a new level.

The second Big Truth was that once I started feeling successful about myself, other people’s view of me followed suit. Then the cycle gained positive momentum. The support and belief of others bolstered me, which in turn bolstered them.

On July 1, the halfway point, I tallied up revenue and was within $300 of the benchmark. Amazingly, this outrageous goal began to seem attainable. (I also may have been too freaking giddy to live with for a week or two, so kudos to my husband for tolerating all the schoolgirl giggling.)

Yet it was the third Big Truth that rocked me to the core.

As I shared my mentorship story with author clients and friends, they simply smiled and shook their heads. I backpedaled and offered up all the reasons why I never thought it was possible, but that it really was working. I wasn’t making stuff up.

And that’s when they told me what I’d failed to realize…

For the 160+ authors I’d helped to finish and publish the books of their dreams, I had provided exactly that same kind of inspiration.

A lump the size of Montana stuck in my throat. The room shrunk in and it was hard to breathe. There had never been a doubt in my mind that I could help other people get their books into print. But when it came to my own self-esteem and inner belief system, the cobbler’s kids weren’t just barefoot. They were stark nekkid.

So I ask you today, if an expert had your back, what would you try if you knew you could not fail?

It’s time to take a step toward the plate and stop waiting for the expert to find you. Reach out and take the first swing. You were meant to have a big life, and you were meant to accomplish your dreams.

PS. If you’ve got a case of the “nekkid” when you think about writing and publishing your book, it would be my honor to work with you to support your amazing goal. Just click “REPLY” and we can get started right away!

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